Nov 10, 2020
Gemar welcomes two new ambassadors

Gemar welcomes two new ambassadors, Ran Nitka and Denis Gretzbein from Israel. Its newest ambassadors prove that friendship, and a love of balloons, can overcome any obstacle. Gemar Ambassadors are independent balloon artists who bring innovative designs and endless joy to balloon fans around the world.

By working with Gemar balloon artists are able to showcase the highest quality products and demonstrate their commitment to sustainably and ethically sourced balloons. Likewise, Gemar is passionate about supporting talented artists and is very proud to endorse industry leaders. The new ambassadorshave a remarkable story to tell.

Gretzbein and Nitka make a great team. They met when Gretzbein was working on an ambitious project and reached out to Nitka for help; they have been working together ever since. In fact, their relationship withstood a true test when Nitka lost his eyesight two years after they met. Understandably, Nitka considered giving up balloon art altogether.

Luckily, Gretzbein proved himself a true friend and told Nitka that he wouldn’t let him leave the industry he loved, “even if I have to give you my eyes.” From that day the pair have worked together, with Gretzbein acting as Nitka’s eyes. Nitka believes that as a blind person he follows a different thought process to those who can see. His imagination breaks boundaries, seeing the completed work before it has even been started.

Nitka’s ambition is to be one of the ten most influential balloon artists in the world, to inspire people to believe in themselves and make their dreams a reality no matter what obstacles they face. Nitka transformed his own life with balloon art, and together the pair will continue to touch many more.

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