Aug 28, 2017
‘Game of Thrones’ costume designer details evolution of character looks

One of the best parts about HBO’s megahit show Game of Thrones” is the interesting and innovative costumes that evolve as the series does.

Costume designer Michelle Clapton details the way she uses subtle changes to help define the show’s wide cast of characters in an interview with INSIDER.

“With (Daenerys) especially, people used to say, ‘Well, why doesn’t she wear red?'” Clapton said. “Now you do finally start seeing it creeping in through the scaling and embroidery on her dresses. It’s just a touch. And she now has this fantastic new chain we’ve created. I didn’t want her to have a crown, I wanted her to have a chain. And she has a red sash hanging from it, which is slightly scaled and pleated as well.”

Clapton goes on to talk about how costume changes help detail character transformation, again using Daenerys as an example. “She was a confused woman, she was wandering … trying to seek something. And now she’s finally got her armor, she’s finally got everything, and she can finally echo the style of her brother with the extended shoulders and the red and the symbolism.”

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