Jun 29, 2020
Brandwise welcomes 50k retailers to Brandwise Passport

Phase III of Brandwise 2.0 rolled out last week with the migration of credentials for 50,000 registered Reach B2B Retailer Connections to the Brandwise Passport.

This step is an important milestone for both the Brandwise Ecosystem and the brick -and-mortar retail industry. These are the first retailers to populate the new Brandwise 2.0 cloud-based architecture and will pave the way for all 290,000 retailers in the Brandwise Ecosystem.  

Earlier this year, Phase I and Phase II launched with agencies and suppliers signing up for Brandwise Passports to streamline data interchange. There are already over 150 Agencies and hundreds of Suppliers with Brandwise Passports currently within the Ecosystem.  

Todd Litzman, co-founder and CEO of Brandwise is very pleased: “We’ve worked incredibly hard developing Brandwise 2.0. After 23 years of working behind the scenes facilitating, capturing and delivering orders to 100’s of thousands of retailers, it is really gratifying to have an opportunity to provide our sales reps and suppliers with new services that strengthen their ties to retailers, particularly in light of current world events.”

As a trusted partner in a variety of wholesale verticals, Brandwise is introducing a state-of-the-art architecture that empowers each stakeholder to maintain, access, utilize and control their own data, supported by Brandwise’s extensive suite of services and populated by the industry’s largest network of retailers. 

Brandwise Passport

Brandwise Passport facilitates communication and the exchange of data between colleagues, suppliers, retailers, agencies and sales reps within the Brandwise Ecosystem. With Brandwise Passport, stakeholders are always in control of their own relationships and profile data.

For more information, visit www.brandwise.com.

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