Let’s Pawty

I think we can all agree that pets won the great quarantine of 2020. Not only did they get extra attention and lots of outdoor walks, they also kept t ... more »

Party Starts Here!

Charlottesville, Virginia is a vibrant college town and is known for its amazing shopping experiences. Party Starts Here, a retailer providing Hallowe ... more »

Popularity of Pets

What to expect in 2020 Pet humanization. This is a phrase that is becoming more common in the pet industry. Over the past 10 years, there has been a ... more »

It’s Tradition

Mardi Gras festivities uphold time-honored customs across a range of merchandise categories The day before Ash Wednesday is a big day, especially in ... more »

Ghoul Goals

Pinterest promised it'd be easy. But 45 minutes into your "sexy deer" Halloween makeup, you're realizing you may have bitten off more than you could c ... more »

Halloween 2018 on the horizon

Costume retailers are about to enter their biggest time of the year.While Halloween falling on a Wednesday this year is a bit of a bummer, the weeks l ... more »

Playing the Part

While cosplay may still be a relatively new phenomenon among American adults, children have been dressing the part of their favorite imaginary charact ... more »

Industry leaders talk trends after costumes dominate floor at Halloween & Party Expo

The 2018 Halloween & Party Expo was definitely heavy on the Halloween, showcasing costumes everywhere you turned. As soon as stepping inside th ... more »

Forever Festive Favorites

Timeless characters and why they're still relevant Halloween is a holiday where trick-or-treaters and party goers have a chance to be whatever they w ... more »

Magic Mirror Costume Shop: New store owners catering to new markets as well as traditional ones

Costuming isn't the same as it was 20 years ago, and Kathy Foote surely isn't running her costume shop as if that were the case. Just prior to Hall ... more »

Make-up tips from a pro

Professional make-up aritst Nicole R. Enger discloses the question she hears most SFX makeup artist Nicole R. Enger of Traverse City, Michigan, has be ... more »

10 movies that could influence costuming in 2018

There is no bigger influencer on costume trends than pop culture, specifically movies and television.Each and every year, ensembles seen on big and sm ... more »

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