Jan 9, 2018
What’s Up With Make-up?
Zeke Jennings

Makeup and body paint executives offer insight, tips on trends

Whether perfecting a cosplay ensemble, dressing up for a costume party or just showing some color for the big game, makeup and body paint accentuate any look.

The use of make-up and body paint continues to become more widespread as costumers look to set their getups apart from others. Consumers also are becoming more health-conscious about what exactly is in a product they apply to their face or body, said both Peter Sandusky, vice president of Mehron, and Olav Hansen of PaintGlow.

Hansen and Sandusky addressed that and other makeup-related topics in recent interviews with Party & Halloween Retailer.

One tip Sandusky offered: Stay up on trends as much as possible heading into Halloween because consumers are waiting longer than ever to start buying, making the window to replenish supplies small.

PHR: What are you hearing from retailers on what’s selling?

Peter Sandusky, vice president, Mehron Inc.: A big trend is for the “IT” movie Pennywise evil clown, and another is for Wonder Woman. The latest popular movie characters are always in big demand for Halloween. Mehron’s “Clown White” product is a global leader in clowning makeup. It is very popular this year!

Olav Hansen, sales manager, PaintGlow: Boxsets and more glitter products.

PHR: What products have you added in recent years to keep up on market demands?

Hansen: (PaintGlow has added) Boxsets, semi-permanent hair dye, hair color spray, liquid latex, glitter, glitter and more glitter.

Sandusky: One of our more recent releases is Mehron Premium Zombie Makeup Kit. It combines all the necessary products to create a realistic Zombie character. As a leading manufacturer of “Blood,” Mehron explored an innovative way to create a blood splatter special effect. The result was Mehron Blood Splatter, a thinner-consistency stage blood developed especially for splatter effects.

PHR: What question do you hear most from retailers?

Sandusky: More and more consumers are interested in the ingredients and quality of the make-up they are applying to their bodies and their children. They are also very concerned about animal testing. Additionally, we get inquiries regarding if it’s vegan. People are becoming more cautious of the chemicals and ingredients that are used in some low-priced makeup products, especially those made overseas. … Our chemists select only FDA-approved ingredients and each of our formulations is prepared in our U.S.-based facility under our own watchful eyes.

Hansen: Most of the costumer questions are related to quality and import restrictions, and we gladly inform them that our products are mostly FDA & EU approved. During 2018,we will have formulated our full range to be fully compliant.

Visit www.paintglow.com and www.mehron.com for more information.

Top right: A collection of blood make-up products from Mehron.

Lower right; PaintGlow’s face and body paint boxsets come in a variety of themes, such as Day of the Dead.

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