Oct 24, 2012
What trends do you predict for 2013?

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“What trends do you predict for 2013?”

Bonnie Spoon
New York
A definite continuation of the mustache crazy, bike accessories galore, dog products -especially people promoting adopt and rescue dogs – decorative styled clips that are similar to the shape of clothes pins and lots of initial products.

Robbie Furman, CBA
Remember Our Balloons
Montclair, N.J.
I believe 2013 is going to be the year of education. My feelings are that people need to start becoming educated in many areas of the fields of parties and the public they serve. With the economy still doing what it has been doing for many years now, I believe we are starting to see two groups of clients in the world of parties.

We have the DIY groups that are learning how they can create their own types of parties. These people are pretty much on a budget and are more inclined to do with less for an event. The other group of potential clients are interested in using the best for their event, but they also know that even the best are struggling during these trying economic times.

With this being said, I feel that many people will be trying to up their games and pushing themselves into more of a professional looking type of business. Learning will come in many shapes and forms – from improving their own craft to learning how to build their own website. People should familiarize themselves with other parts of the party industry through going to conventions and seminars and talking to people and even start to learn who are the best in other areas of the party world.

Susan Schinsing
Pismo Beach Party and Costume
Grover Beach, Calif.
This hinges on the election – hoping for optimism after Nov. 6, hoping to see happier customers that will spend a bit more on their events, hoping the helium crisis takes a turn for the better, hoping that 2013 is filled with luckiness and not unluckiness. It’s all about hope and change, right?

Kim Banks
The Pet Set
Emerson, N.J.
We predict a rise in social media greetings such as “tweetInvites,” Tumbler events, etc. and also see more interest in traditional but high-end paper products.

And for many families, Baby Boomer, Empty Nesters and pet greetings will expand dramatically. Bottom line? People want to be connected in any way that suits them.

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