Jun 23, 2011
How do you upsell balloons?

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“How do you upsell balloons?”

Jamie Ray Macsisak
NW Postal & Shipping
Portland, Ore.
By accident, I discovered that I could use a greeting card as a balloon weight. We are putting some samples around the store and will point them out to customers when they buy a card.

Mariah McKechnie
Party America
Duluth, Minn.
This is a good one that we just discussed at our employee meeting last week!

We upsell balloons by challenging our employees to “double the dozen.” We have contests to see who can upsell the most customers from one dozen to two dozen balloons in a day. We also offer customers a “Balloon Menu” that features bouquets for them to choose from. This makes the decision easy for them and they typically buy more balloons.

Adriane Brandenburg
Fun Party and Wedding Services
Shawnee, Kan.
The little extras we offer keep costumers coming back to us instead of going to a dollar store. The big courtesy we offer is we bag our balloons in clear bags (we can fit about a dozen 11-inch balloons in a bag). We offer HI-FLOAT, make it into a bouquet with a weight and put several matching ribbons on the balloons.

We also encourage customers to place orders in advance so they don’t have to wait on us. They can run in and grab their balloons. We sell only Qualtex and have lots of displays throughout the store to inspire customers. I would say we inflate at least 600 balloons every Saturday in May.

Brenda Fink, CBA
Party Magic
Godfrey, Ill.
Oh my! That’s easy!
1. They have to be on display. If you display a $14.99 bouquet, you will sell a $14.99 bouquet. But if you display a $69.99 bouquet, THAT is what you will sell.
2. You have to add enhancements – bows, collars, 160s, 260s and fancy weights/bases. Bases should always coordinate with the helium balloons. Bases should not be a foil weight for upscale bouquets. When everything coordinates, theme and colors, it will make you look great. Pioneer has latex, foils, Bubbles and ribbons that all coordinate with the same theme and colors.
3. Always sell the best quality. If customers know your balloons always look great and will last several days/weeks, they don’t mind spending the money.
4. You have to be different than your competition. This can be done with enhancements, Ultra HI-FLOAT and bagging your balloons for ease and safety.

Jacob & Kimberly Cowger
Balloons Etc.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
We upsell balloons by offering more than just a balloon on a string. From gumballs and pinwheels to Bubbles and singing balloons, we offer products that can’t be found at a grocery or chain party store.

Our balloons are also longer lasting, which keeps our customers coming back again and again, and our willingness to make special orders for customers leads them to tell their friends about where to get balloons. The best form of advertisement is word of mouth – our commitment to quality and customer service helps our balloons to sell themselves!

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