Jul 5, 2019
The Confetti Party

With the perpetual rise of social media – and the help of some incredible product – getting your brand out there is increasingly simpler. Of course, you have to log the man hours to take great photography that will wow your customers, and spend time engaging with those who view your page in order to continue to sell, but the new platforms are offering up some amazing game-changers in the retail industry.

Instagram and Facebook have been essential for the Confetti Party’s marketing campaign. The Mexico City shop has leveraged customers’ infatuation with bright, perfectly staged products to make sales and rapidly obtain more than 48 thousand followers worldwide since it opened two and-a-half years ago in 2016. “Our first sale was on November 5, 2016,” said Tatiana Coste, owner of the shop. “This year will be our third anniversary!”

Instagram specifically is playing a massive role in the internet’s admiration for decor-heavy product searches. People can effortlessly go down a design rabbit hole; scouring hashtags and tagged photos to come across decor and shop pages for inspiration and, more importantly, a go-to for supplies.

Coste knows what a great tool these platforms can be, and she utilizes it to the fullest to showcase new products, designs and ideas for both clients as well as followers. “Social media has been a key instrument for the development and growth of our store since we can be within ‘first-hand’ reach of our followers; it would have been much harder to have a successful store without Facebook and Instagram,” she said.

A couple of its specialties include the confetti balloon (naturally), and what she refers to as “the welcome arrangement,” which provides shock and awe when guests initially enter a party – or her store. “Since we first started, we have (seen) huge success with the big confetti balloons, so we have perfected the technique over the years and I think we have gotten pretty good at it,” she said.

Included in the more-than 600 SKUs the shop carries, these confetti balloons, painted bubble balloons and designer paper plates are some of its most popular. The cactus and the llama are also very hot right now at the shop, as well as avocado-themed party supplies. “We’ve seen how purple and lilac products are also on the rise for table decorations,” Coste added.

Coste attends The Confetti Expo and has been to the Guadalajara Gift Expo to find some great products, but she highly recommends the National Stationery Show in New York, now occurring twice each year. She thinks it’s a great way to arm yourself with great ideas for the months following each edition. “Of course we are always on the lookout for new products. We love what we do and everywhere we travel, we observe and see if there’s something that could work for us.”

Loving what you do is perhaps the most important part of the job. The Confetti Party is the perfect name for the shop, and Coste is its name personified. You can really sense the zeal when she talks about the shop; this is something about which she is decidedly passionate.

Decorating the 480-square-foot storefront is seemingly a fun task for the staff. They start by selecting a color palette for the month, then choose the theme and look for what can be built up around it. Think: romantic, sweet and happy, plain colors that help project a specific theme for any given time of year. “It’s really impressive how colors can make you feel so many different things,” she said. “I love to play with colors and help our customers convey the feelings they want to convey. Simple gifts can change a state of mind, especially if it’s a gift with colors.”

Coste’s plans for the future are as bright as the sun icons she likes to use in her emails. “The Confetti Party has been so much fun and has great potential, so I see it with at least three (locations) in Mexico City, and stores around the country like Guadalajara, Puebla, Queretaro, etc.,” she said. “And why not produce our own brand of plates and cups, selling them to the world. ‘Mexican design for the world’ sounds nice!”

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