Aug 3, 2017
Tiffany Morrisett, CTI Industries

Tiffany Morrisett

Project Manager, CTI Industries

Barrington, Illinois

As a big fan of art and a painter in her own right, Tiffany Morrisett takes an artistic approach when creating a balloon column. Her approach is to put balloons in unconventional positions and then let them guide her.

PPR: How long have you been with CTI?

I have been with CTI Industries for just over two years. When I was looking into the company, CTI seemed to have a really great corporate culture as well as leadership, and who wouldn’t want to work with balloons every day? I absolutely love what I do here and I could not imagine working with a better team! I think within a company, it is important to have great chemistry and a shared vision with your co-workers as well as with your superiors; I was very fortunate to find that perfect fit with CTI. We get to talk to our customers every day, find out what they are looking for, come up with innovative quality designs, and exceed expectations.

PPR: What typically inspires you when creating a new column?

I am inspired by art, current trends and things that are sculptural or whimsy. I usually begin pulling my inspiration from a foil balloon and then I add latex colors that will complement it well. I like to create sculptural columns that people have not seen before; something that might inspire them. I think that balloon columns become very salable when they can be seen as decorative art.

PPR: What do you think is the most common mistake people make when trying to create their own?

I think some people get stuck making the same style of balloon column over and over. It is very important to take time to play with the balloons. It is easy to envision something in your head and, with skilled technique, to build it exactly the way you had pictured it. It is important to have that ability and that skill set as a balloon artist, however, it is just as important to allow the balloons to twist and bend organically. Place the balloons unconventionally, take a step back, and let the shapes inspire you and dictate the direction of your design.

PPR: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I really enjoy art, whether it be creating a painting of my own or visiting a gallery. My kids and I do what we like to call “museum crawls,” similar to a bar crawl but with less alcohol and more science. I also try to squeeze in a few charity events every year.

Check out a few of Tiffany’s creations…

Waving Santa Snow Globe Column

Bunny Backs Column

Colorful Graduation

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