Jun 23, 2011
Well, that’s annoying

Kids running through your store and messing up displays, price increases, employee frustrations, etc. Can you relate?

We generally work hard to avoid people and things that we find annoying, but when you work with the public, that’s darn near impossible. No matter how good we (think we) are at controlling our circumstances, there will always be factors and people that we can’t control – see above.

All of these things can be extremely annoying, especially when you have a million things to do. It can be easy to forget that throwing a fit is far less impressive and productive than remaining centered and calm, even when faced with situations that make you want to pull your hair out.

Rude customers? Employee issues? Long days and weekends? It’s all going to happen no matter what you do to prevent it. And while having some measure of control over situations is important, it’s when you’re confronted with an irritating person or situation and you choose not to react impulsively that you true show professionalism.

Other customers, employees, coworkers, etc. may notice this and learn from your example.

So don’t try to eliminate the things you can’t control, because there will always be kids running through your store and messing up displays, price increases and employee frustrations. Instead, focus on handling them with an open mind, patience and professionalism. It’s often during annoying experiences that you have an opportunity to develop these qualities. (Un)fortunately for most of us, our lives offer many opportunities to practice these things.

But then again, practice makes perfect…and more party profits.

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