Feb 4, 2016
Get the word out

A common question we at Party & Paper ask retailers is: If you had $10,000 to improve your store, what changes would you make?”

Popular answers include adding display or supply space, improving inventory or some sort of redecorating project. Cindy Hayden, owner of the Ballooney Bin in Jackson, Michigan and the subject of this month’s Party People feature, had an outside-the-box answer: Advertising.

People won’t shop at your business if they don’t know about your business. It sounds simple, yet so many small retailers seem to treat advertising as an extra expense rather than a necessity.

Even if you’ve been open for five years in the same location and been advertising, I guarantee there are a significant number of people within your community that don’t know you’re there, and even the people that do often need reminding. Just about everyone has heard of Coca-Cola and McDonald’s, yet those companies spend an exorbitant amount of money on ads every year just to stay at the forefront of people’s minds.

But what is even more important than advertising is advertising effectively. Sometimes that takes some trial and error. That’s because there are many different ways to effectively advertise and almost as many mediums to do it.

You have to decide on a message and then figure out a way to make your potential audience notice. A visually appealing image or design, catchy jingle that sticks in people’s heads or thought-provoking description are among ways that have proven to work, but don’t let that stop you from thinking outside the box. Get creative.

A lot of businesses benefit from word of mouth of happy customers. However, the message has to start with you.

Until next time,

Zeke Jennings, Managing Editor

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