Feb 1, 2011
Deep Breath

When I wrote this, it was just past Thanksgiving and I had Christmas music playing in the background. By the time you read this, it will be around Valentine’s Day. Not long after the hearts and flower displays come down, it will be time for Mardi Gras and then Easter. It’s almost enough to make your head spin in “Exorcist”-like fashion, which would be appropriate, considering this is our Halloween issue.

Deep breath.

While everyone knows it’s absolutely necessary to plan ahead, that doesn’t mean you have to let the stress negatively affect you. Yes, I know you’re busy with Valentine’s Day and probably thinking, “What is she talking about? Doesn’t she know I have to have a million balloon bouquets done five minutes ago?”

I know this, but trust me – deep breath.

When things get stressful – too busy or not busy enough – just remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Being in the party business is a lot different than being a garbage man or undertaker in that every day someone comes to you because of a celebration. They’re happy. They want you to make them a little bit happier by arming them with a variety of things they don’t need but absolutely want.

That’s a very cool thing.

So if you are feeling a bit stressed out, figure out why and why it’s important to you, and use that perceived negative energy in a positive way. What can be done to make things better or how can you handle a situation differently? If there’s nothing else you can do, then what good does it to get stressed out?

When you do find a few minutes to relax and take a deep breath – even if you’re just hiding in the storage room – bring along this issue and read up on the latest in Halloween and fall holiday party products, adult costumes and theme parties. Getting tips and tricks for your store can help alleviate some of that product panic.

And that’s a very cool thing.

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