Oct 22, 2013
Consistency, not Complacency

I can imagine that at this point in time you’re still reeling from an exhausting Halloween season and trying to gather your wits about you before jumping into fall holidays and then winter and then New Year’s Eve – does it ever end?

For party retailers, the answer is probably no.”

While summer used to be a slightly slower season, graduation has taken over and become a selling season in and of itself, and let’s not forget about the weddings, birthday parties, family reunions and cookouts that require your services.

In other words, there’s always a reason to party, which means there’s always a reason to sell.

This issue takes a look at the graduation season and those odds and ends items that often get overlooked when planning a party but that are quick ways to add to a sale. That’s an important thing to note, because when things get busy, it’s easy to simply revert to what’s worked in the past.

Of course you have to keep the staple items – balloons and paper goods will never be gone – but it’s important to listen to suggestions and follow the trends to offer a little bit more.

Did a customer have a creative idea? Are there certain items that someone requested? Have employees been asked for their input?

When you hear an idea from more than one person, it counts for twice as much as if you randomly hear it once. And if you hear an idea from a dozen people, the impact is such that ignoring it would be a crime.

So keep doing what you’re doing for success, but remember that while consistency is important in retail and customer service, complacency can sink your sales ship. Be open to new additions, new ideas and new results.

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