Apr 3, 2019
Ghoul Goals

Pinterest promised it’d be easy. But 45 minutes into your “sexy deer” Halloween makeup, you’re realizing you may have bitten off more than you could chew.

If you could phone a friend, we’d recommend Alison Kenyon, Joseph Drobezko or Jeff West, three professional makeup artists featured at this year’s Halloween & Party Expo. The trio faced off in the Artist Battleground, a live competition in which makeup artists have four hours to transform their respective models based on a selected theme.

This year’s theme of “Urban Legends” spawned a variety of creatures, the most colorful of which was Kenyon’s siren. Though this was her first Artist Battleground experience, she’s no rookie in the body art arena. She owns her own company, Body Masterpiece, and has participated in multiple competitions, including Game Show Network’s “Skin Wars.”

“I love creating art, and painting on people inspires me so much more than painting on a flat surface,” said Kenyon. “In these competitions, retro sci-fi and space artwork, and elaborate costumes are big inspirations to me.”

That said, it’s no surprise she favors Moon Creations, a UK-based company known for its neon, glitter and UV cosmetics.

“Right now, I’m totally digging their new cakes,” said Kenyon. “They’re smooth and easy to apply, have some great colors and they wash off super easy with no staining.”

In addition to the cake pots, Kenyon relied on the company’s Moon Glow and Moon Glitter lines to bring her deadly songstress to life. She used Moon Glow Neon UV Body Crayons and UV liquids to define the siren’s features, and Moon Glitter’s Bio Chunky Glitter to make them shine.

“I tried to use a little of everything,” she said. “I wanted something that was sinister and scary, but that could also use all the colors Moon Creations has.”

Like Kenyon, Drobezko seeks makeup inspiration from the world around him-and beyond. His SFX makeup skills earned him a spot on SyFy’s “Face Off,” a high-stakes experience that undoubtedly prepared him for the ArtistBattleground.

To make his La Llorona, he turned to an old staple: Alcone’s Ben Nye brand.

“I grew up with it as a thespian in high school,” he said. “It was affordable as a novice artist, and they have an amazing range of products I can use now that I’m a professional.”

Anyone looking to recreate Drobezko’s La Llorona would do well to try Ben Nye Character Powders, available in Plains Dust, Ash Powder and Charcoal Powder. Plains Dust applies like real dirt, and Ash Powder can be used to create a pale, corpse-like complexion.

And if your La Llorona needs a little extra gore, Drobezko recommends Alcone’s 3rd Degree brand-his go-to for prosthetics.

“You can pretty much create anything,” he said. “It’s saved me so many times when I need something in a pinch.”

While Kenyon’s siren and Drobezko’s La Llorona were nothing short of incredible (and incredibly terrifying, in the case of the latter), it was West’s Rougarou that took the top prize. West, who also won last year’s Artist Battleground, used Woochie products to bring his monster to life. His favorite product is the company’s new water-activated makeup, as it’s “high in pigment, and safe on the skin.”

But what if, for some reason, you can’t convince a world-renowned artist to come over and transform you into an urban legend for Halloween? (Pro bono, of course.) For novice artists, Kenyon recommends the Moon Glow crayons she used, as they’re forgiving, easy to use and blend well.

“You do have to set them, though, if you want durability,” she added. To do so, she suggests applying a powder, like Moon Glow UV Eyeshadow Powder, directly on top of the strokes.

Or, even easier, you can just use Woochie’s Werewolf FX kit to recreate West’s winning look. Just be advised that while it has some deer-like qualities, there’s nothing sexy about it.

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