Nov 15, 2013
Colors and Patterns and Babies, oh my!
Abby Heugel, Managing Editor

What will there be in 2014?

It’s hard to predict what will be the next big thing in 2014, but I have it on good authority – some industry experts I questioned below – that it will involve a lot of patterns, personalization and those special little touches that will make a generic party one for the books.

PPR: What colors, patterns and themes will we see in 2014?

Dawn Kirschner


Rainbow Art is a new trend we are seeing – using the colors of the rainbow and patterns like stripes and dots for a fresh look that can mix and match with a variety of solid colors and crafts for an “art” type party. The “chalkboard” look is also coming on strong for Birthday. This trend really ties into the consumers desire to personalize their parties. Consumers can take chalk and chalkboard paper to create accessory pieces with personal messages.

George White

Up With Paper

Matte gold foil with soft pastel colors, macaroons, banners, hand lettering, chalkboard mint (the color), sticky notes, Mason jars filled with flowers, vintage lettering, paper flowers and ombre.

Terri Vant

Lillian Rose

Items that are sensitive to all-natural renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly themes play out well with today’s consumer. Natural materials, Burlap, wood, recycled materials are all materials to watch for. Promote this within your store with a section dedicated to these materials and companies that are sensitive to the issue.

Deb Edgecombe

Creative Converting

Yellow and silver will be big color trends and we’re also playing up foil treatments. Another fun trend is a throwback to the ’80s. We’re excited to be launching the Totally ’80s design that features retro sneakers, paint splashes and bright colors and is great for the tween age group.

Another hot decor trend is creating fun backdrops behind cake and candy tables. Customers are getting creative with using paper fans, streamers and balloons against walls to create intricate and colorful focal points behind tables.

Stephen Swartz

U.S. Balloon

Zebra print will continue to expand. A few years ago, we just had a few zebra print designs and now you’re seeing zebra balloons for graduation, birthday, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. And with the zebra Link-O-Loons, decorators are using these designs in more of their creations.

Also expect to see more mustache designs and balloons with sparkling and dazzling effects that are eye-catching. These designs shimmer and reflect the light in a way that they look different at every angle.

Jean Andersen

The Occasions Group

For wedding and party invitations, look for metallic and glitter imprint and die cut shapes. We’re also offering wood wedding invitations personalized with foil, four-color print or etched engraved. Lace inner envelopes, bands and embossed lace pattern designs are the perfect fit for the “romantic” vintage bride.

In addition, foodies are a growing market, so offer more food enhancing items such as cookie bags, cupcake and cookie boxes, napkins and coasters, tags and seals for labeling food, favors, buffets, straws embellished with personalized labels.

PPR: What new items will you introduce?


We are looking to expand our Up With Paper Luxe line of fine paper products to also include bath and body products packaged in our highly stylized dimensional boxes. These will be positioned as $15 to $20 gifts for special occasions and thank you’s. By offering products in this area, retailers can pick up incremental sales that might otherwise go to other stops on the consumers shopping trip.


We’re introducing new vintage designs on Kraft paper that can be personalized with foil, thermography or flat imprint. Burlap wraps, burlap inner envelopes and burlap bags will be featured with both high-end and value priced invitation ensembles.

Brides love to create their own wedding ensemble, and in January 2014 we are introducing “JeanM Mixation.” Each component is sold a la carte, making it easy and fun to create the perfect ensemble. Choose your paper color, paper shape, font, design, foil or thermography imprint, pocket, layer, liner and embellish with your choice of ribbon, jute, cord, rhinestone, seal or tag.

Warren Berkowitz

Forum Novelties

The “Great Gatsby” movie has generated many 1920s theme parties and we expect this trend to continue into 2014. We have developed a wide range of ’20s-related costumes and accessories that will be offered for the upcoming season.


Paper straws are a popular new product, and we’re offering nine colored striped designs, one pink ribbon design, three Halloween designs, two Christmas designs and six collegiate designs. Our new standalone bake cups will allow hosts and hostesses to bake cupcakes without cupcake tins, while our new Trendware line offers customers disposable plastic tableware that is colorful, clear and durable.

We’re also introducing a new yard banner format, glitter candles and balloon clusters. The balloon clusters include a large balloon and several smaller accompanying balloons in each package.


Anagram’s new Orbz and UltraShapes will be a great product that will breathe new life into bouquets and other balloon-related decor. Retailers should definitely be on the lookout for these items and be prepared to work with these innovative new balloons.


Wedding and baby has been marginally affected and traditions are honored, but all with a new twist. Guestbooks have been set aside in place of postcard boxes, a time capsule message in a bottle, etc. The same is true of ring pillows that are now ring bowls and boxes. Lillian Rose has introduced several new traditional items with a natural material, reusable twist on them and we’re planning more of the same.

PPR: What party themes are increasing in popularity?


Gender-reveal parties are going to explode next year! Expectant parents are not only looking for the retailer to have ready-to-sell products, but are also looking for DIY types of products that they can put together themselves or use as inspiration. We’d expect to see balloon designs catering to these parties soon.


Baby shower and wedding showers are affairs that the couples attend, not just the bride or the mom, and they’re taking place in different locations rather than just the home. Baby showers have themes associated with them such as the ultrasound reveal or “book worm” themes.

Baby’s 1st birthdays have also become absolute events to be celebrated and Lillian Rose developed a 1st birthday theme with cake tops, memory books, bibs, frames and a special hat for the baby.


The hottest new design trend we are seeing is for baby shower where parents-to-be are revealing or finding out for themselves along with family and friends the gender of their baby at the shower. The sex of the baby is revealed with things like balloon bouquets or cutting the cake to show a pink or blue center. Unique will be introducing our first Baby Reveal design with our Everyday 2014 to help capture this trend.

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